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Christine Duong, CEO of Trap Beauty Bar, is a natural born hustler and licensed cosmetologist. She was born and raised in New York. Christine has always been passionate about creating an environment where women can get all their services done at once while relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. Christine has always loved trap music. Every time she listened to it, it fed her desire to go harder. She never settled. Growing up in New York, you have to hustle to pave a way for yourself. Paving a way for yourself can include a 9-5 career or being a trapper. A trapper get hers by any means necessary to support herself. Christine has took it upon herself to redefine what a trapper is in the beauty industry. Women are dominating the beauty industry; some trap in the day, some trap in in the night and some 24/7. Allow our trappers to transform you at the Trap Beauty Bar!

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