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❤  For better retention (adds 1+ weeks to your set)



Lash Techs:
❤  Step 1 complete a full set of lashes
❤  Step 2 allow 2-3 mins for adhesive to dry
❤  Step 3 use a micro wand to dip into the sealant
❤  Step 4 apply directly to the lash line (where the adhesive sits)


Clients: use 1-2 times per week
❤  Step 1 wash and dry your lashes
❤  Step 2 use a micro wand (not the brush it comes with) to dip into the sealant
❤  Step 3 apply to your lash line
❤  Step 4 allow to dry 2-3 mins
❤  Step 5 using a clean dry spoolie brush your lashes

Eyelash Sealant